"10 years ago it was luxury.
  5 years ago it was fashion.
Now, it is a basic need!"

We are talking about constructing a web site! Every company - corporation should have a website (web presence) on the internet in order to step ahead of competition.

A few years ago, having an e-shop or even a simple static website, was considered as luxury, and also the cost was very high. Nowadays, almost 70% of the companies have already a dynamic website, gaining new visitors and customers every day! Designing costs were reduced the past 3-4 years and this made more affordable for every company to have their own corporate website.

Do not hesitate to ask anything you want to know about internet , web design, e-marketing and constructing costs for your company. We would be more than pleased to inform you as well as prepare an offer for you.

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You should try our FASTEST hosting servers in one of the most reliable DataCenters in Germany!

Select one of the available hosting packages and fill out the following ONLINE form for direct order and hosting activation! All domains usually takes about 24 hours to get activated.

Starters 100
- 100 mbs disk space
- 2 e-mails
- 5 gb/mo traffic
Price/year: 30.00 €
Basic 300
- 300 mbs disk space
- 5 e-mails
- 10 gb/mo traffic
Price/year: 50.00 €
Business 600
- 600 mbs disk space
- 10 e-mails
- 20 gb/mo traffic
Price/year: 70.00 €
Shoppers 1000
- 1000 mbs disk space
- 15 e-mails
- 30 gb/mo traffic
Price/year: 90.00 €
- 2000 mbs disk space
- 20 e-mails
- 40 gb/mo traffic
Price/year: 110.00 €
Ultimate 5000
- 5000 mbs disk space
- 20 e-mails
- 40 gb/mo traffic
Price/year: 140.00 €